What is Osclass and why is it the best script for creating a classified ad site?

Osclass is a CMS (Content Management System) intended for the creation of classified ad sites or ‘marketplaces’. The script, developed in PHP and Mysql, has the Apache 2.0 license, so it is open source and can be modified by anyone. The project was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 2011, where it has been developing. In 2019 the project was culminated in version 3.7, 3.8, however the developers and followers of this great project still believe and bet on this platform and continued the development of the new versions, currently 3.9 with many improvements and optimizations.

What is new in this version of Osclass?

Almost all external PHP library moved and updated to latest working in separate provider directory
Various bugs were fixed. This is great since we had a lot of problems in the past.
Old code related to Osclass Market has been removed. This made Osclass facilities very slow. Well one!
Fixed compatibility with PHP 7.3. We have a new Osclass 3.9 100% compatible with the latest PHP.

Learn a little more about Osclass.

Like WordPress, Osclass has a system of plugins and themes that allow you to easily change the appearance of the web page or add functionalities to its basic core. Osclass is fully translated into 6 languages (Spanish, English, German, Catalan, French and Russian) and partially into 24 other languages.

With Osclass in a few minutes you can have an entire platform for the management of classified ads, with sophisticated functionalities, which allow it to be adapted to many business models and use cases, where there is room for ads of all kinds (cars, properties, offers of work, etc.), and whose standard features can be very easily customized with the themes and extensions that are available on the manufacturer’s own site.

Developed on PHP and the MySQL database, Osclass uses the MySQLi MySQLi function extension and the GD library. It is available in several languages, and has a comfortable content editing panel, with an initial dashboard where it is possible to accompany a summary of the progress of the site. Among its most outstanding features we find:

  • Ability to create payment ad formats, compatible with PayPal and credit cards.
  • Inclusion of a watermark in the photos uploaded to the site.
  • Alerts, through which it is possible to notify users in various situations, such as updates to certain advertisements or interaction with other users.
  • Creation of completely personalized fields in the ads, to adapt them to the objective of the site and the advertisers.
  • Static content pages.
  • Management of classifications and subcategories.
  • Management of advertising banners, either Adsense or any other advertising provider.
  • Integration with Google Maps to locate ads.
  • Integration with YouTube videos.
  • Possibility of locating the site, with language, currency, etc.
  • Email templates, to customize outgoing email communications.
  • Antispam through Akismet and CAPTCHA.
  • Inappropriate word filters.
  • Moderation of comments.
  • Management of local data protection regulations via plugin, such as the LOPD, of vital importance for sites located in Spain.

Osclass Alternate Marketplace (Osclassmarket.org)

Some of the features listed above are available through the installation of plugins published on the Osclass marketplace, in addition to hundreds of graphic themes with which to customize the application to the needs of each company or types of ads. The content management system itself has a section from which the add-ons can be installed.

Some plugins are free, like the LOPD we mentioned before, but many others are paid, although the investment may be worth it. For example, among the paid plugins is the possibility of purchasing an already personalized app for the site, so that site users can access the services of their Osclass installation through their own app available on iOS and Android.

In this way, we can customize Osclass and adapt it to our most specific needs. As for its technical administration, one of the best options is to host it on a Cloud platform, since this way its capacity can increase as our user community grows and we can manage them very easily.

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